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New Normal:

Chicago, USA - Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago - 2019

Duration: approx. 45 mins

Project conceived & directed by: Jonas Becker

Devised & performed by: Aram Atamian, Sami Ismat, Divyamann Sahoo, Luan Joy Sherman, Julian Ottis, Zach Nicol, Katie Wood.

This 30 minute performance addresses the “new normal.” The idea frames a process of coping with and normalizing mass cultural trauma, whether political, environmental, or otherwise. We respond to the shifting baseline of our current moment through endurance and illusion, struggle and support. Some radical bodies resist normalization, and for others, the new normal is nothing new. This performance explores the way the body mediates this process, testing our limits, adjusting, and readjusting. The performance is iterative and changes according to venue. (text copied from

Photography: Marzena Abrahamik

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