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Honor, Glory & All those Epics or On a Shore Rested a Body:


Chicago, USA - New Blood Festival at Links Hall - 2018

Duration: 90 mins

Collaborators: Armin Hayerpatian (performer) and Divyamann Sahoo (sound)


Acts of violence and acts of burials in war are a constant that involve physical labour usually performed by those assigned to carry on these tasks. Over time and repetition these acts start to transform the executor's physical movement that the ritual becomes a job that continuously produces bodies/corpses changing the landscape. 


This performance was a combination of physical theatre performance, sculpture and sound. The movement was developed from structured improvisations done under the soundscape designed by Divyamann Sahoo that guided the piece. The sculptural objects serve as performance remains in space as they accumulate to mark the acts that occurred.

The materials of the performance were inspired by the philosophies of three Abrahamic religions on human flesh and burial.

Video excerpts:

Video: Branislav Jankic & Carlos Augusto de Oliveira.

Photograph: Jack Rivas

New Blood XII_0096.jpg
Edited On a Shore Rested a Body 2.jpg
Edited On A Shore Rested a Body 3.jpg
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